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Product image 1Butterfly pea flower. herbal tea. tea. hibiscus tea. ice tea. cold brew tea.
Product image 2hibiscus tea. Ice tea. ice brew tea. herbal tea. butterfly pea flower.
Product image 3hibiscus tea. Ice tea. ice brew tea. herbal tea. butterfly pea flower.
Product image 4hibiscus tea. Ice tea. ice brew tea. herbal tea. butterfly pea flower.

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Organic butterfly pea flower, organic lemongrass, hibiscus, rose hip, elderberry and cinnamon

Origin: Thailand

Cup: 1 tbsp for 8 cups

Caffeine level: caffeine free

Note: This product is 100% natural and does NOT contain artificial coloring or flavoring

It is best to consult your doctor before use when pregnant. 

Taste note

A rich sweet sour taste of berries and a hint of cinnamon that brings a warm smooth mouthfeel.

Ice Tea Instruction

Every 1 gram of tea for 50ml of water, and allow steeping 1 to 2 hours in refrigerator. 

Full Description

Inspired by our unique blue butterfly flowers, this is an original herbal blend handcrafted by Serene Tea. Grown in Southeast Asia, the butterfly flowers produce a natural mesmerizing blue color that reminds you of a sultry night. It's also highly potent in antioxidant property as well as anti-inflammatory. Elderberry and rose hips are very rich in vitamin C whereas hibiscus helps with menstrual cramps. Besides a captivating purple color, this herbal blend also provides multiple health benefits.

Brewing Instruction

Ceramic or glass pot
Add 5gram/1 tbsp
90 C / 195 F

Ceramic or Glass Teapot:

  • Add 8oz water and infuse for 3 min.
  • Repeat for another 3+ infusions by 1 min with each additional infusion

We strongly encourage experimenting with different quantities, steeping times and tea wares to find your most desired result. However we don’t recommend over heated water as it will over-extract the bitter compounds and astringency of tea, whereas water that’s too cool might not extract the aroma and flavor to its fullest.

Top Health Benefits

  • Fights against internal inflammation
  • Boost vitamin C and immune system
  • Eases menstrual cramps


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