Chinese Tea Ceremony

Enjoy Tea Tasting, And Experience Cha Dao; The Ancient Chinese Tea Ceremony That Elevates The Nature And Flavor Of Tea

Cha Dao, 茶道—literally meaning ‘the Way of Tea’, is the ancient practice at the heart of Chinese tea culture. We invite you to attend our Chinese tea ceremony workshops to explore Cha Dao with us here at Serendipitea.  Through tea-tasting and three different ceremonial brewing styles by tea type, Gai Wan, Kong Fu Cha, and Yi Xing Clay Pot, you will experience the rich flavor that tradition gives to tea.

Our workshop will immerse you into a whole new cultural experience while allowing you to learn and explore more about teas, tea culture, history, and most importantly, experience a serene state of mind through the way of brewing.

Your mentality will shift as you meditatively sip your tea and learn the three ways of viewing tea in Chinese culture. Shift your perception from the tea as leaves, to the tea as the beverage and finally to the tea as the Way. From plant to common drink to practice, the tea itself remains the same while your perception is transformed into a meditative experience.

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