Green Tea Glass Bowl

Product image 1Green Tea Glass Bowl
Product image 2Green Tea Glass Bowl
Product image 3Green Tea Glass Bowl
Product image 4Green Tea Glass Bowl
Product image 5Green Tea Glass Bowl
Product image 6Green Tea Glass Bowl
Product image 7Green Tea Glass Bowl

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Material: Glass

This very special Japanese style Glass Bowl with hammer like pattern will change the way you brew green tea! Practically, the small size makes it easy to hold, grip and pour the tea liquor out; esthetically, it allows tea drinkers to appreciate the green tea leaves while brewing tea. What is the most distinguishing feature of this bowl is that it comes with a needle, and this is one of the Japanese bow brewing styles that you let the tea liquor flow through the glass needle as you pour, while the thin glass needle will hold the tea leaves back.

It's recommended to use lower water temperature for this style, hence it's more oriented for brewing green tea or fresh white tea, so it doesn't burn the tea leaves. Whe you don't use the needle, the bowl itself can also serve as a sharing pitcher!

Dimension: bowl length 11cm, height 4cm, needle length 15cm 

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