Handmade Blazing Fire Gaiwan

Product image 1handmade gaiwan, gaiwan, gaiwan sale
Product image 2handmade gaiwan, gaiwan, gaiwan sale
Product image 3handmade gaiwan, gaiwan, gaiwan sale
Product image 4handmade gaiwan, gaiwan, gaiwan sale
Product image 5Handmade Blazing Fire Gaiwan
Product image 6Handmade Blazing Fire Gaiwan
Product image 7Handmade Blazing Fire Gaiwan

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Origin: Jing De Zhen, China

Material: kaolin clay

Craftsmanship technique: colored glaze

A classic Gaiwan has three parts which represents three elements of life - the lid is heaven, the saucer is earth, and the cup in the middle represents humanity. All together it presents the harmony between heaven, human and earth. This Gaiwan features enamel to achieve the unique iridescent pomegranate red as well as the creamy pomegranate base. This eye-catching Gaiwan is perfect for everyday use and it pours smoothly without burning your fingers. 

This classic gaiwan benefits not only from the heat retention and luminous beauty of the clay but also the comfortable grip between the lid and the bowl due to the matte surface. Its function is noticeably superior to most glazed Gaiwans, producing a smooth, clean pour. While this Gaiwan is suitable for any tea and does not need to be dedicated, it has become our clay of choice for many low-oxidation Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong tea, and Taiwanese oolongs. The soft texture and excellent insulation of the clay make this Gaiwan a joy to hold and to use.

Dimension: height 3.7 inch, diameter 3.3 inch, volume 150 ml

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