Phoenix Dan Cong Charcoal Roasted Shui Xian 碳焙水仙

Product image 1Phoenix Dan Cong Charcoal Roasted Shui Xian 碳焙水仙
Product image 2Phoenix Dan Cong Charcoal Roasted Shui Xian 碳焙水仙
Product image 3Phoenix Dan Cong Charcoal Roasted Shui Xian 碳焙水仙

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What Is Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea?

Cultivar: Shui Xian 水仙

Harvest: Spring 2021, charcoal roasted twice in August, 2021

Region: Phoenix Mountain, Canton, China

Cup: 2 tbsps/6 gram for 20 Gong Fu tea cups

Meet the farmer: Farmer Liu

Tasting Note

mineral, roasted floral taste, woody, a hint of fruitiness, tangy

Ice Tea Instruction

Every 1 gram of tea for 50ml of water, and allow steeping 1 to 2 hours in a teapot/tumbler in the refrigerator. 

Hot brew Instruction: we recommend Gaiwan for best infusions

Full Description 

Shui Xian is also one of the Dan Congs teas that has never been classified by fragrance and hence, it has its own category. Farmer Liu served this tea to us the first time we visited his farm in 2018, and he said "This is the Dan Cong you drink when you are tired of the other cultivars and just want to neutralize your palatte". Even though Dan Cong Shui Xian is not as floral or fruity as some other Dan Cong cultivars, it has a lovely mineral and woody taste to it. This is a charcoal roasted Shui Xian from this year's spring season, then charcoal roasted twice in August.

Cultivated in mineral rich soil, Phoenix Dan Cong thrives in the coastal environment in Canton province on Phoenix Mountain. Both wild and farmed, these tea trees can reach the ripe old age of 200 years. This special type of Oolong is recognized for its highly distinctive natural aroma that mimics certain flower or fruit aroma. Believed to be the ancestor of all Oolong teas, it’s well-known for its ten aromatic categories and its rich and complex flavor.

Brewing Instruction Gaiwan & Teapot

Gai Wan: rinse, then 3-5 seconds

ceramic pot: 240oz water, 2 mins

Add 6gram/1 tbsp
90 C / 195 F

    Top Health Benefits

    • Regular consumption reduces new fat cell growth and promotes weight loss.
    • Rich in bioflavonoids, it fights allergies, inflammation, heart diseases, and slows down the aging process.
    • National Cancer Institute claims its excellence in prevention of diabetes and certain cancers for its rich in antioxidants.


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