2017 Shou Mei White Tea Cake

Product image 1White tea, Chinese white tea, tea cake, aged Shou Mei 寿眉, seattle tea shop
Product image 2white tea, Chinese white tea, aged Shou Mei, 寿眉, seattle tea shop, white tea taste
Product image 3Natural Chinese white tea cake aged Shou Mei 寿眉 from 2017
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Cultivar: Fu Ding Da Bai

Harvest: Fall 2017

Cup: 1 tbsp for 15 cups

Meet the Farmer: Farmer Shi

Note: Crushed form comes in 50g and 100g, cake form comes in 100g and a whole cake is 350g. The 350g whole cake comes with the original wrapping paper. Please choose according to your desire. 

Tasting Note

A delightful floral touch and herbal grassy mixed with mild apricot sweet aroma, finally leaving a herbal minty note at the end.

Three ways of brewing this tea:


Distinguished by its shining sienna and copper leaves, this is a three-year-old aged all-natural white tea cake of Shou Mei produced by the local tea artisans. It offers an initial aromatic change from floral freshness to herbal-like freshness with a mild honey-like viscosity.

A popular local saying in Fu Jian is ‘one-year-old white tea is only tea, three-year-old is medicinal herb and seven-year-old is treasure’.  Similar to Pu Er, the aromatic compounds of white tea change with time and polyphenols (known for antioxidants) increase with time making this artisan crafted tea of high to collectors’ value as more changes occur both aromatically and nutritionally as time goes by.



Fu Ding, Fu Jian, China

Brewing Instruction Gaiwan & Teapot

Gai Wan or ceramic pot
Add 5gram/1-2tbsp
95 C / 205 F

Ceramic Teapot:

  • Add 8oz water and infuse for 3 min.
  • Repeat for another 4+ infusions and increase the steeping time by 30 seconds with each additional infusion 

Gai Wan (Recommended for best infusions):

  • Rinse leaves and discard the first infusion
  • Add water and infuse for 10 seconds
  • Repeat for another 6+ infusions and increase the steeping time by 10 seconds with each additional infusion 

We strongly encourage experimenting with different quantities, steeping times and tea wares to find your most desired result. However, avoid over heated water, as it will over-extract the bitter compounds and astringency of the tea, whereas water that’s too cool might not fully extract the aroma and flavor.

Top Health Benefits

  • Rich in antioxidants to fight free radical compounds and slow down aging
  • Rich in polyphenols to fight off bacteria of dental damage
  • Rich in fluoride which is an important element of oral health preservation
  • Rich in flavonoids that keep blood pressure at a safe level thus reducing chance of cardiovascular problems
  • Low caffeine levels

For education purpose only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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