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This year, after our trip in Tai Mu Mountain to meet our new producer Farmer Wen and his charcoal roast only white tea farm, we decided to offer this LIMITED seasonal sample box to try his charcoal roast white teas from spring 2021, spring 2018 and spring 2014. You will get 16g of each tea so total of almost 50g/3.5oz of teas with FREE SHIPPING. First 10 orders will get additional 15g of 2011 wild Shou Mei cake. 

White tea is considered the most exotic tea type in the world thanks to its simple processing and its delicate elegant fragrance and flavor. Fu Ding in Fu Jian, China is the brith place of white tea and the best white teas from this region is from Tai Mu Mountain. 

You are probably familiar with the saying "One year old tea is just tea, three year old tea is a medicine and seven year old tea is a treasure." This saying indicates that white tea can be aged, and the aged ones could be more valuable than fresh white teas. It's also quite a tea experience to compare white teas from young to aged.

What you will get in this box:

16g Spring Bai Mu Dan loose leaf 2021 

Peony flower, wild flower, delicate, sweet, mild vanilla, chocolatey

16g Spring Shou Mei loose leaf 2018 

Plum, floral, sweet dates, sweet potato, chocolatey

16g Spring Gong Mei Cake 2014 (Gong Mei is similar to Shou Mei but with slightly more buds)

Herbal, floral, bamboo leaf, dry orange peel, minty


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