The Unexpected Turn to Kasem's Tea Forest in Wawee, Thailand

“Do you like Assam tea?” “You also cultivate Assam tea here in Wa Wi?” “Yes! Northern Thailand’s native tea trees are...

Exploitation in Northern Thailand -- A True Ugly Story Behind Stunning Photographs

This story is written by me as the firsthand account. I feel the need to be transparent with you, so to let you, a co...

A Love Affair with Loose Leaf (Aged) White Tea

A bald decision was made this year, there will be no white tea cake (except for one) but just loose leaves! We want t...

Fire and Tea - A Journey Of Charcoal Roasted Dan Cong

What things come to your mind when you think of charcoal roasting? Do you think mostly about coffee, or pizza even? D...

Tiger Tea Mom's Recipe for Mother's Day

My mom was never a “Tiger Chinese Mom”, but she is very “tiger” with her tea! Unlike blended or perfumed tea with fru...

White Tea Rendezvous in Fu Ding 2021

After 2 years, I am finally back to Fu Ding! Last time I came here was in 2018 and just had a very short stay before...

Introducing Spring 2021: Bull Dog Green Tea

This Spring in 2021, we are going to present a unique green tea that you might have never heard of -- 狗牯脑, pronounced...

Chao Zhou Trip -- Chasing Southern Dan Cong Culture

Growing up in Canton Province with Cantonese kids, I first knew Chao Zhou because of its famous beef meatball and bee...

Phoenix Dan Cong Mountain Eggplant Cinnamon Aroma

You probably have noticed a new Phoenix Dan Cong varietal here called Shan Qie Ye, or Mountain Eggplant, which sparke...

How to Make Summer Cold Brewed Tea

How do we drink tea with heat waves in summer? Naturally we make iced tea! Learn how to make cold brewed tea and how ...

Aged White Tea and Its Delicious Secrets

Let's learn how white tea is aged and white tea's health benefits!

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong and Its Production

Everything you need to know about how Phoenix Dan Cong is made!
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