Introducing Spring 2021: Bull Dog Green Tea

This Spring in 2021, we are going to present a unique green tea that you might have never heard of -- 狗牯脑, pronounced...

Chao Zhou Trip -- Chasing Southern Dan Cong Culture

Growing up in Canton Province with Cantonese kids, I first knew Chao Zhou because of its famous beef meatball and bee...

Phoenix Dan Cong Mountain Eggplant Cinnamon Aroma

You probably have noticed a new Phoenix Dan Cong varietal here called Shan Qie Ye, or Mountain Eggplant, which sparke...

How to Make Summer Cold Brewed Tea

How do we drink tea with heat waves in summer? Naturally we make iced tea! Learn how to make cold brewed tea and how ...

Aged White Tea and Its Delicious Secrets

Let's learn how white tea is aged and white tea's health benefits!

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong and Its Production

Everything you need to know about how Phoenix Dan Cong is made!

How To Choose Tea Based On Season And How To Store Tea

Learn how to choose tea based on season and how to store different kinds of tea properly.

Gong Fu Cha Part II and How to Brew Tea with Gaiwan

Learn about Gong Fu Cha gig preparation and how to brew with Gaiwan -- some methods that no one else will tell you!

The World of Gong Fu Cha

Learn about what Gong Fu Cha is, its cultural significance and how it will change your experience with tea completely!

Farmer Liu's Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea

Learn about where our Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea comes from!

Serene Tea @ Northwest Tea Festival 2019

Read about Serene Tea at the Northwest Tea Festival 2019!

A Hidden Gem of White Tea that Everyone Should Try!

Harvest time is important in tea cultivation in China -- home to one of the biggest and oldest agricultural economies...
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