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Exquisite Chinese Teas for a Real Palate Experience

Serene Tea strives to provide you with an authentic tea experience through its exquisite Chinese teas. Made directly by true tea growers, we value and promote the Chinese artisan made tea which has become a rare feature in the world today.

We provide high quality Chinese white teas and some of the finest oolongs in their unique form, which offer one of the kinds aromas and sophisticated flavours.

We source quality teas directly from experienced tea growers and tea artisans, providing you high-quality teas made of all-natural ingredients that embody the Chinese culture.

We are an innovative brand based in Seattle with the primary aim of preserving and sharing true Chinese teas, its originality, its 2000+ years old history, and its culture.

Founder’s Space

Hello, I’m Rainy!  I’m the founder of Serene Tea.

What’s your typical go to beverage that fits seemingly in every occasion and part of your life? I’d be surprise if coffee didn’t immediately come to mind! Like most everyone, I thought I was the same. It wasn’t until I spent three years studying abroad did I discover my love for tea – and of all places, I had the pleasure of growing this love affair in Italy.

During my time abroad, I often find myself needing a gentle boost at random hours during the day to keep me going. Though coffee was the obvious choice, the acidity was often a bit rough on my stomach and the occasional crash didn’t help either. In attempt to find a happy alternative, I stumbled across a tea shop in Milan called ChaTeaAtelier. It started with a cup of tea and quickly morphed into a part time job. With each and every cup of tea, I find myself jogging down memory lanes of my childhood.

I grew up in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province and home to the best oolong tea. There is a rich cultural history in the Phoenix Mountain which revolves around Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea. People gather together indulging in the ritual and cultural rite of passage that is brewing, serving, and enjoying tea with friends and loved ones. My goal is to help you revisit those moments in life with your loved ones through my tea, wherever you may be.

My first impactful tea experience took place on an enchanted mountain couple hours from my hometown. I was hiking in the afternoon and encountered a tea farmer tending to his highland tea plantation. He welcomed me to join him for a cup of tea in a nearby place. A pot of oolong fills center stage, with steam wafting and filling the room with the scent of fresh tea and a rich, misty haze. That exquisite cup of tea sipped, savored, and shared on that tranquil mountainside in the highlands still lives vividly in mind. It is an experience unlike others that creates a bond that you will find yourself savoring for years to come.

I started Serene Tea in 2019 as a way to share this meaningful part of my life with you the best way I know how- by giving you a taste of my home. I specialize in Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea from my province; and I would like to share it and our tea lifestyle with you.

Join our tea tasting event and visit our blog to get started on your tea journey.

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