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Exquisite Chinese Teas for a True Exquisite Experience

Serene Tea strives to provide you with an authentic tea experience through its exquisite Chinese teas. Made directly by true tea growers, we value and promote the Chinese artisan made tea which has become a rare feature in the world today.

We provide the highest quality of Chinese white teas and the finest oolong in their unique form, which offer unique aromas and sophisticated flavours.

We source quality teas from the finest of experienced tea growers and tea artisans, providing you high-quality teas made of all-natural ingredients that embody the Chinese culture.

We are an innovative brand based in Seattle with the primary aim of preserving and sharing authentic Chinese teas, its originality, its 2000+ years old history, and its culture.

Founder’s Space

There is serendipity in every stage of my tea journey.

From the discovery of herbal teas to the vegetative and umami Japanese green teas and finally to the land where tea was born and where the wealthiest tea culture is from, my journey has triggered a re-discovery of myself and my identity.

I studied teas in many places. But I decided to go back to the root as the leaf has left the tree and flowing with the wind for too long.

Now, I am a certified Chinese tea ceremony performer and a tea sommelier with the hopes to share my passion and bring serendipity of tea to others.

I am looking forward to humbly serving you a cup of tea, and I hope your journey of tea can begin with us.


Rainy Huang

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