Meet Our Farmers

Since we begin our tea journey, we work with small family owned farms from different regions in China. They are the real artists behind those beautiful leaves and delicious teas that end up in your cups. We would love to introduce them from the other side of the world to you. 

Meet Farmer Liu

Phoenix Dan Cong oolong tea

Farmer Liu's farm is located in Phoenix Mountain at elevation about 700 meter/2296ft and has lasted for about three generations. His tea plantation is about 8 acres and is right above a beautiful lake that runs across the mountain valley, he told us stories of how he grew up in the mountain and how he goes down the lake to fish whenever he has free time outside of harvesting season. We have never tasted one single Phoenix Dan Cong teas from him that we don't like. His traditional craftsmanship can be tasted his Dan Cong teas. For the past 2 years, we have been sourcing our Duckshit Aroma, Gardenia Aroma, Almond Aroma, Mi Lan Aroma (Honey Orchid) and Tuberose Aroma exclusively from him. This year, we just added Ba Xian/Eight Immortals from him to our collection. 

To learn more about farmer Liu and his Phoenix Dan Cong tea plantation, click here.

Meet Farmer Huang

phoenix dan cong farmer, seattle teashop, tea farmer

Farmer Huang just joined our tea farmer family this year (2020)! His farm is located in Phoenix Mountain at elevation about 900 meters/2952ft. Located near the prestigious Wu Dong village, where Phoenix Dan Cong teas first discovered and produced, he also has the advantage of accessing some ancient tea tress (100-200 years old) at high elevation. He is a very studious farmer, outside of taking care of his tea plantation, he also equipped himself with tea sommelier training and has been invited as tasting judge for various local tea competition. In his younger years, he also has had the experience studying in Portugal! This year, we sourced Tong Tian Xiang (Ginger Flower Aroma), Shan Qie Ye (Cinnamon Aroma) and Phoenix Dan Cong black tea from him. 

Meet Farmer Xu

I went to Farmer Xu's farm the first time in October, 2018. His farm is located in Phoenix Mountain at elevation about 470 meters/1476ft. His farm is also a three generational farm. At the time, he was still learning from his father about how to roast tea. Even though his family farm is at a relatively low elevation, they still use traditional charcoal roasting method and that renders their Mi Lan Aroma (Honey Orchid) one of the best you will ever try. The sweet fragrance is so potent as if there's real honey in the tea. We only sourced a small batch from him this year, but he will become a stable traditional charcoal roast Mi Lan Aroma supplier from now on.  

Meet Farmer Shi

white tea farmer

We have a few different white tea farmers that we work with, but Miss Shi is the main one, and she is also a certified tea sommelier herself! Her farm along with a few other white tea farms are located in Fu Ding, Fu Jian, China at elevation about 500-600 meters/1968ft. She has gone through rigorous tea sommelier training in China and is specialized in aged white tea. We have been sourcing Han Lu from her consistently every winter, and our Shou Mei Cake 2015, Shou Mei Cake 2013 and White Peony 2015 are all from her as well. 

Meet Hua Gang 

Hua Gang is a joint tea farmer company in Taiwan, meaning that they manage small tea farms as a whole. They collect raw leaves (known as Cha Qing) of different cultivars and produced from various tea farms in the area and produce them into different oolong teas. They ultimately protect farmer's interest as they will take in raw leaves on no condition and in return, farmers work harder to for ensuring raw leaves's quality. They have resources from diverse areas such as A Li Shan, Mei Shan, Li Shan, Nan Tou etc. in Taiwan, and we have been working with them consistently since last year. All of our high mountain Taiwanese oolong teas are sourced exclusively from them. 

Meet Farmer Luo

yun nan tea farmer, tea farmer, pu erh tea farmer, pu erh tea

This beautiful and hard working young woman is from one of the 55 minority tribes in China which known as Dai. Her generational inherited tea farm is located in Xi Shuang Ban Na, Yun Nan, China at elevation about 2400 meters/7874ft. Her tea plantation is rather full of wild Pu Erh tea trees that are averagely about 200-300 years old. They don't use any pesticides or fertilizer, they don't even weed! The only time that they go to "bother" these tea trees is when the harvest seasons arrive. We paid a visit to their tea farm last year and since then we have been getting Pu Erh teas, our favorite Old Tree Chocolatey Black tea and we just added Moonlight Pu Erh White Tea, exclusively from them. 


Besides these hard working farmers from above, we also work with a few others from China and Thailand. At the moment, they are the main ones. As our journey continues, I am sure more and more farmers from around world will be joining our list and hopefully all of us will continue to surprise your palate on your personal tea path! 

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