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We are launching our youtube channel for reviewing tea and spreading tea knowledge! The 1st episode will be released on Sep 1st and we will have new video every 2 weeks! If you have any topic that you wish us to cover, please drop us an email or leave a comment, we will be looking forward to hearing from you!  

1st Episode - A Brief Introduction on Tea 09/01/2020

2nd Episode - Introduction to White Tea 09/15/2020

3rd Episode - Green Tea History, Production, Brewing & More..09/29/2020

4th Episode - Yellow Tea History, Production, Brewing, Types & More...10/13/2020

5th Episode - Happy Halloween and Happy Oolong Tea! 10/27/2020

6th Episode - The Cozy World of Black Tea 11/18/2020

7th Episode - The Mysterious Pu Erh 12/02/2020

That was our Tea Intro Series, Happy Steeping and Happy Ending!! We will return soon with Season 2!! Stay updated!! 

Tea Trip Videos 2021

Chasing Gou Gu Nao Bulldog Green Tea Part I 04/01/2021

Gou Gu Nao Bulldog Green Tea Part II Handmade vs. Machine made 04/17/2021


The Disappearing Tea: Lapsang Souchong, Ma Su, Tong Mu Village 07/12/2021 

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