Moroccan Goodnight Kiss


-Almond milk mildly sweetened/unsweetened

-Moroccan Rose

-Optional: lavender 


1. Use 5 gram/1tbsp of Moroccan Rose  and 1 gram/0.03oz of lavender (lavender is optional) with 8oz of water, steep for 3 minutes to make 2 cups of rose (with or without lavender) herbal tea.

2. Heat up the almond milk slightly on the stove or in microwave.

3. Pour one cup of rose herbal tea directly into a cup or a teapot. For every one cup of rose herbal tea, add 1/3 cup of almond milk, and blend them by using a teaspoon.

Prepare a cup of this soothing and warm milk tea blend for your mom and/or yourself before bedtime. We wish you a good night sleep with sweet dreams that are brought by our Moroccan Goodnight Kiss. 


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