Tea Inspired Recipes

Have you thought about tea just as a beverage? If the answer is yes then let us extend your tea view horizon with some of our tea inspired recipes! They are easy to make and they broaden your experience. Most importantly, they could be new ways to pamper yourself as well as your loved ones! 

1. Blue Butterfly Brownie

This is inspired by our Blue Gleam herbal tea made of blue butterfly pea flowers and lemongrass. To learn how to make this lemony refreshing and visually tantalizing brownie, here is your RECIPE

2. Moroccan Goodnight Kiss

Tonight we treat our moms with roses! This is a caffeine free milk tea blend of almond milk, rose herbal tea Moroccan Rosé and lavender. Sweet, exotically floral with uplifting yet calming fragrance of lavender, what more could make a more soothing night for your mom and/or you to wash away exhaustion and bring only tranquility before bedtime? Click here to learn about how to make this simple drink that will make a difference to your life!

3. Sunny Chai Pudding and Osmanthus Pudding

Life is a luxury, so is a lazy sunny afternoon. If you choose to spend a sunny afternoon with your mom, sitting down at your front porch with a book in your hands, why not have two cool puddings by your side? Sunny chai pudding and osmanthus pudding are both inspired by our very mild caffeine teas that one gives you a spicy sweet taste whereas the other one gives you a fresh garden floral fragrance. This literally takes only 10 mins to make! Here is your recipe! 

4. Purple Strawberry Ice Tea

This is simply a too delicious and visually dazzling ice tea that could never go wrong and it's caffeine free! It's a blend of blue butterfly pea flowers, lemon grass and strawberries, and half teaspoon of lavender is recommended to give a hint of its unique calming fragrance. Make a perfect summer drink for your mom or other loved ones today! Check out your recipe here.

5. Tea Popsicle

What was one of your favorite childhood activity to do in summer? For us, one of them is making popsicles! And violà, we made some with our teas! It's fun, it's easy, and it's caffeine free! See how to make them here! 

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