Wu Yi Rock Tea Sample Box 2022

Product image 1Wu Yi Rock Tea Sample Box 2022
Product image 2Wu Yi Rock Tea Sample Box 2022
Product image 3Wu Yi Rock Tea Sample Box 2022
Product image 4Wu Yi Rock Tea Sample Box 2022
Product image 5Wu Yi Rock Tea Sample Box 2022
Product image 6Wu Yi Rock Tea Sample Box 2022
Product image 7Wu Yi Rock Tea Sample Box 2022
Product image 8Wu Yi Rock Tea Sample Box 2022

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This year we will continue the Wu Yi Yan Cha (Rock Tea) journey and introduce something quite different from last year! Last year we explored an aged tea, a great daily drink and a more floral rock tea, after receiving a wide range feedback from our tea drinkers and a wide range sampling, we decide to bring these four teas to you this year: Shui Xian 2022, Bai Rui Xiang 2022, Jin Bian Qi Lan 2022, and a Rou Gui 2015. Just like last year, our teas are from the same farmer, Zhang, if you have enjoyed his rock teas last year, we invite you back this year to continue exploring rock teas from him!

Yan Cha from Wu Yi Shan in Fu Jian province is one of the most internationally and historically renowned teas. It has more than just a rich history or a worldwide reputation, but also distinctive characters. The tea drinkers who are more experienced with Yan Cha are usually familiar with two important concepts, "Yan Yun" 岩韵 and "Yan Gu Hua Xiang" 岩骨花香. The first word means "the Rhythm of Rock" and the second one means "the bones of a rock with aroma of a flower". In short, these two concepts in a way sum up the biggest characteristic of rock teas that you can "taste" or understand the energy of the Wu Yi Shan rocks where the teas come from.

Brewing instruction: 

We encourage you to try something different this year -- brew fresh Yan Cha at a lower temperature at 85C/185F (it will really surprise you!), and 90C/195F for the aged Rou Gui.

In this sample box, you will get a total of 42g of teas:

Shui Xian 水仙 7g

The common Shui Xian proverb in China is "No rock tea can be more fragrant than Rou Gui, and no rock tea can be sweeter than a Shui Xian". Shui Xian is described as if it's a very feminine woman -- sweet, gentle, mellow and smooth. This is a very good tea to let you understand what it is about. 

Jin Bian Qi Lan 金边奇兰 14g

We were thrilled of finding this tea! It has all the characters of a good Yan Cha, warm, roasted, and brown sugar like sweet and long lasting when brewed at a lower water temperature. Most importantly, the orchid fragrance accompanied by a hint of almond nuttiness just makes us keep coming back to it. 

Bai Rui Xiang 白瑞香 14g

The name of this tea alone has already destined it to be a beautiful tea. It's a very fragrant tea with delicious tropical fruit like aroma of passion fruit and mango in the tea liqueur, and the after taste is very sweet and warming. Overall, it's a great outside of typical Yan Cha box tea. 

2015 Rou Gui 肉桂 7g

Rou Gui is one of the most well known rock teas nowadays, and that's why we would rather introduce you to something different -- an aged Rou Gui. Tea comparison is what we always encourage you to try, fresh vs. aged, buds vs. leaf and twigs, and low water temperature vs. high water temperature, etc. We hope this Rou Gui will delight you with its aged notes. 


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